2016 Pistol Provincial Results

2016 Ontario Provincial Pistol Championship Results

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the 2016 Provincial Pistol Championships help at the Crumlim Gun Club.
We would also like to thank the club for the use of there execellent range – especial thanks for the range help from the club.
The weather was great except for some rain on Sunday morning which helped to speed up the competition – no one wants to score in the rain.

We hope to see everyone next year, and with any luck the Provincials will be help at the Pan Am Range (upgraded in progress).

Provincial Champions

Canadian 1800 John Rochon
Free Pistol Dmitriy Pekash
Rapid Fire Shane Staniek
Standard Pistol Jim Sandall
Centre Fire Pathikrit Ghosh
Sports Postol Matt Kindbom
Air Pistol Men Dimitry Pekach
Air Pistol Women Elena Williamson

Full 2016 Ontario Pistol Provincial Results