Quest for Gold

To all our recipients of the Ontario 2021-22 Quest for Gold Program via the Ontario Council of Shooters.

Name of athlete Team Amount received
Igor KOZIK (Pistol) Dev $6,000
Madelene SCOLA (Trap) ID $6,000
Vadim ZEVLEVER (Trap) Dev $5,000
Stuart BURNS (Pistol) ID $4,000
Cindy LUK (Rifle) ID $1,456.28
Sharon BOWES (Rifle) ID $1,456.28
Mark HYNES (Pistol) ID $1,456.28
Lori KRANENBURG (Pistol) ID $1,456.28
Barjinder BHATTI (Trap) Dev $1,456.28
Angadeep KOONER (Trap) Jr $1,456.28
Ziqing PANG (Trap) Jr 1,456.28

(Total Funding Amount – $31,194.00)

The Ministry gave us a lump sum of money and asked us to distribute it as we saw fit but we had the choice of using it for programs, equipment, coaches honorariums, direct athlete funding or a combination thereof. Since it was basically my decision as the program coordinator, I chose to directly fund our athletes in the SFC High Performance program to help to defray some of their expenses that they would have this year according to their submitted high performance plans and used the basis of what events that they would be attending to distribute the funds as fairly as we could. This is the first time that I’ve been able to widely fund senior athletes and I jumped at the chance to do so as past programming was almost centred on junior athletes. We also included shotgun athletes in this funding model for the first time which was very generously received by them.

Wishing you all the best in your competition season!

Yours in sport,
Shari Akow
Vice Chair, Ontario Council of Shooters
– and –
Quest for Gold Program Coordinator