Quest for Gold

Final Nominations

2019-2020 Q4G Ontario Athlete Assistance Program Final Nominations

Draft Nominations

2019-2020 Q4G Ontario Athlete Assistance Program Draft Nominations


2020 Quest for Gold Selection Criteria

2020 Quest for Gold Application Form

Submission Process

Please send applications to, submission deadline is Apr 2, 2020!

Many thanks to the Ontario government for its continuation of this program and the furthering of our athletes!


Q. If I don’t have enough qualifying scores, can I still be considered for Q4G carding?
A. In order to be considered for Quest for Gold carding, you must meet the Ministry Criteria set out in the selection criteria. If no athletes meet the Ministry’s selection criteria, then no athletes will be nominated for Q4G funding by ONTarget.

Q. Do I need to submit a complete yearly training plan as part of my application?
A. Yes, you are required to submit (and follow) a yearly training plan as part of your application. As aspiring high performance athletes, we hope you will not only follow the letter of the criteria, but also do so following the spirit of the criteria. Further, as stated in Section 3.3 of the selection criteria. 

Athlete must demonstrate a commitment and dedication to a proper training and competitive program, the goal of which is to continue to train towards a national team position and Sport Canada carding