About Us

We are ONTarget: Rifle and Pistol Alliance.  We are the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for rifle and pistol shooting in Ontario.

In 2014, the Ontario Ministry of Sport, Culture and Recreation demanded the Ontario Council of Shooters remove the CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association) as the PSO for rifle and pistol shooting in Ontario. The reason is “[t]he CSSA is a National Body accepting memberships from individuals across the country. The Government of Ontario will no longer accept the CSSA as a provincial organization and said organization will not receive any future funding.”

As a result of this Government decision, members of the Rifle and Pistol sport community decided to create a new “provincial body” in Ontario to represent the sport shooting community of Ontario. “ONTarget” is the NEW PSO for Shooting Sports in Ontario.  ONTarget Rifle and Pistol Alliance will represent rifle and pistol shooters across Ontario and is now officially recognized by the Ontario Council of Shooters (OCS) and by the Ontario Government.

Our Mandate

  • supporting the National Sport Organization (NSO), the Shooting Federation of Canada, using their insurance, providing financial support, following the LTAD program.
  • providing awards and declaring Provincial Champions for the following events:
    • Ontario Rifle and Pistol Indoor and Outdoor Championships
    • Tournament of Juniors
    • ONTarget Halloween Match
    • LSBA Indoor Winter League
  • support and administer the Quest for Gold program
  • support and administer for the Ontario Summer Games
  • support rifle events/training (ISSF, Sporting and Hunting)
  • support the Athletes with Disability (AWAD) program
  • support pistol events/training (ISSF, NRA 1800 and 2700)
  • provide training for officials
  • provide coaching courses




Q: Are you the CSSA?
A: No, we are an entirely separate organization from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

Q: Will you honour CSSA lifetime memberships?
A: Since we are an entirely different organization from the CSSA, we do not honour CSSA membership as membership of ONTarget.  The CSSA continues to exist and provide its members benefits as it has always done.  To be an ONTarget member, please see the Become a Member page.