Preparing Team Ontario for the 2020/2021 Season

On behalf of the ONTarget Board, I am writing to all our members to identify all rifle and pistol shooters who may be preparing for the eventual return to competitive shooting in the near future.

Essentially, we are getting Team Ontario together, virtually and in-person, to provide the coaching and planning resources for Ontario’s high performance shooting athletes to emerge ready to compete. Currently, we don’t have a fixed plan on the direction of the team (or teams), so we need your input.

At this stage, we need to hear from everyone interested: seniors, juniors, novice, experienced, AWAD, able-bodied, rifle, pistol, national, provincial, regional, air and/or cartridge. Everybody who would like to be involved should reach out. Let us know of your interest and how you’d like to participate. Additionally, provide some feedback regarding what you’d like Team Ontario to be.

We need your input, so we can move forward. Please respond by email to with your interest and ideas by Friday, September 18th. I look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick Haynes, Coach