Canadian Rifle Postal Match

October 12, 2018

Canadian Rifle Postal Match

The postal match for rifle shooting will again be operating this year building on last years event.

The monthly match will start with the month of October for competitors of all levels and go to April 2019. Winners will be based on their average over the season with a minimum of 5 scores (7 possible) entered for their group. This open to a limited number of athletes based on a first come first served basis. There is no charge to register but please don’t register if you don’t plan on competing through to next spring.

The intention is to provide an opportunity to shoot a “match” at the location where you train. You don’t have to go somewhere special or shoot at a particular time. You will still feel the “match” tension to know you can’t go back and redo a bad shot. It is designed for all levels and types of shooting. i.e. at one end will be those who are high performance athletes shooting under ISSF rules down to those shooting off of a rest or even with SCATT systems. air, .22 or SCATT. Para athletes, with or without coaching etc.

RULES The first rule is to nominate your match targets as such before shooting them. Scoring is on your honour. If paper targets have someone besides the competitor to score them. High Performance shooters will compete using ISSF rules ie 60 shots on score or 120 for 3P. For others you need to declare the format you are shooting. Ie unsupported or supported and by category of air, .22 or scatt. The grouping will be made beyond this to have people shooting comparative scores with the others in their group. This will happen after two months of scores. Results must be filed by midnight on the final day of each month. Decimal results are preferred but not a requirement. As most will be shooting decimal scores you would want to be in a group shooting the same. Too small a group will reduce the competitiveness of the event for the athlete. The matches will start with results for the month of Oct, 2018. If someone has an SFC classification that classification will be used for their grouping. Any type of shooting is available. If it is unconventional i.e. supported; coached for the novice etc. the match will be 30 shots on score in 30 minutes. Groups of like shooting with be lumped together in the published results i.e. scatt, rifle, air, .22, ISSF rules, para, and be subject to adjustments for large discrepancies in allocating the grouping. Ie there may be 5 groups in air but just one in .22. Participants will shoot their “match” with the understanding that they declare, to themselves, prior to the start of their shooting that this is their match for the month. It may be shots from another match or whatever the person identifies ahead of when they are shot. You are welcome to shoot multiple categories ie air and .22 but there will need to be 5 matches of the disciplines nominated to count for the final results. Results will be posted on the ASRA web site shortly after the end of the month. Remember limited entries on a first come first serve. Entries and results go to:

Wynn Payne Edmonton, Alberta Canada